Google is forcing the hand of anyone looking for exposure to seriously consider creating an account on Google+.  Entertainment professionals can no longer ignore the added effort to manage another social media account. Google and Youtube are the two largest search engines and both index social media posts that appear more frequently in search engine results. Google+ users only have to share blog posts with relevant, new information on a regular basis to be pushed up through the ranks of search results.

[box type=”download”] Some additional tips for your Google+ Account:

    1) Post on a regular basis using relevant keywords in your text
    2) Integrate your keywords in other aspects of your Google+ page, such as in the “about” and “video” sections
    3) Link you Google+ account and Youtube account
    4) Make sure to link (think backlink) to your own website when appropriate to improve the SEO optimization of your Google+ and personal website
    5) Create Google authorship to enhance your position in search results (for bloggers)
    6) Join Google Communities, which allows groups to form around particular interests. Many popular bloggers and internet influencers are now concentrating on Google+ and joining these communities[/box]