Are You A One Way Posting Machine?

For the last 2 years I have watched entertainment professionals (Actors, Models, Comedians, Musicians) try to manage Social Media accounts and grow their audience. And one mistake made by the majority clearly involves a “Post Only” mentality. These people only post about themselves and rarely take the time to view, like and share fellow aspiring talent’s content. I am here to tell you that you are only hurting yourself because your fellow artists notice this and start to refrain from giving your posts any attention going forward. megaphone

Have you ever told someone you like their outfit or hair and experienced the positivity you receive in return? The result is usually a compliment back on something related to your own appearance. Guess what, the same philosophy applies to the online world. I can think of at least 20 aspiring talent people that I have watched do a fabulous job of growing their audience by being balanced in this approach as a method of networking and connecting. I feel like these people are on my team because they like, share and comment on my own posts. When someone does that they have gained my attention and I consciously make an effort to review their work and interact by sharing and liking. As truly connected social media contacts we become brand ambassadors for each other and build on this team mentality. So stop only asking for Likes, Shares and Comments on your own content and try and spend a few minutes praising the work of others. When you see great work by other talented people, make an effort to compliment them and give them feedback. You will earn a loyal connection that may take the time and effort looking at your own content and profile.

I am the first one to admit I post a great deal in order to network and gain a following.  But I would say I “Like” 5 items for every one “Like” I receive in return.  If only there could be balance between all of us.  Everyone would benefit from the increased exposure and good karma.

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Ed Olimpio
SEO Basics And Online Marketing