The ever-changing information technologies constantly bring new opportunities for businesses to streamline operations, improve inter-business interactions, optimize costs and thus get critical competitive advantages.

Portals have become integrated “anytime—anywhere access” platforms for information delivery, communication, collaboration and automating business processes through interconnected applications and web services.

We design and build custom-made web (and mobile) systems that make a difference.

Moreover, our consultative approach provides impartial, strategic advice that will enhance and grow your business.

We have the resources and breadth of experience to turn ideas into reality – FAST.

According to IDC, nearly 1/3 of all enterprise web/mobile app projects FAIL. Why? Companies can’t find skilled developers and designers. And they don’t keep up with the pace of releases. But you know better – that’s why you’re here. Whether you’re embarking on a new business solution, or trying to revive a failing enterprise mobility projects, we can help.

From back-end-as-a-service to secure cross-platform development to testing and company-process adoption, we can bring your enterprise innovation to life. Let’s solve business problems, improve old-school systems, open up new opportunities and make YOU look good.

Our professionals are skilled in PHP/MySQL, Microsoft .Net and Java/J2EE technologies.
We are experts at Web Application Frameworks including CakePHP, Symfony, Codeigniter, Yii, Zend, Drupal and Joomla.

We deliver end-to-end Applications and Portal solutions embracing the latest technologies and business trends:

Application/Web Services Portals
Social Networks and Communities
Content Distribution Portals (Digital Docs and Media)
B2C and B2B Ecommerce Portals
Enterprise Information Portals
Business Intelligence Portals
Knowledge Management Portals
Application Capabilities
Portal functionality can be divided into four main areas: user interface, content delivery, rich set of web services and portal management. A balanced purpose-driven combination of these elements defines the portal business value. Combining practical knowledge of portal development best practices and experience in enterprise application development Nibiru delivers a well-integrated set of portal functionality including (but not limited to):

Business Process Automation
Customer Relationship Management, Human Resources Management, Workflow Management, Supply Chain Management, Accounting

User Management
User authentication (registration/login), single sign-on, profiling, multilevel membership, user administration, user behavior tracking, reporting and analysis.

Digital Data Management
Document management (authoring, version control, storage, publishing), data repositories, digital media distribution (e.g. audio/video streaming), integrated search and data mining.

Product catalogues, shopping carts, auctions, billing and secure payment processing, order management, shipping, inventory management.

Various user privileges and access levels, personalized content distribution, data encryption.

Content Management
Web-based administration panels, full life-cycle of content creation and publishing, single-sourcing distribution, mash-ups, content approvals and go-live authorization.

Collaboration and Communication
Mailing systems, web conferencing, instant messaging, Voice over IP, forums, chats, blogs, message boards, feedback forms, event calendars, electronic newsletters, polls, surveys, ratings and reviews.


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