Search engines have started to display reviews on the first page of search results.  In many cases it is one of the first things a potential customer reads when scanning search results on your company.  You need to think about managing your online presence since people will research you online regardless of whether you manage it or not.   Anyone can post a review and really damage your business reputation.  And very often it is the unhappy client that takes the time to write a review.

We can show you how to claim your business (on Google Local, Foursquare, Yelp, Facebook, Trip Advisor and other popular sites) so that you are in control.  This will allow you to dispute bad reviews and comment back to reviewers.  There are other great features to enhance your online reputation, like picking your own appealing photos of your business, adding important contact information, directions and other helpful information that can better capture potential customers.

Let us help you create and manage your accounts so that your reputation is protected.